Donate to Women In Transition

Our organization relies heavily on donations from our past residences, families, local businesses, and other organizations and people. We appreciate every donation that we receive and we use those donations for various expenses such as supporting our residences, paying our bills for the house, and funding events.

We would like to give all of our donors the option to how they would like their donations to be used by Women In Transition. Please view each of the below donation options and choose the one that you believe would help our non-for-profit organization the most!

Thank you to all of the generous donors! Without you, we would be unable to help so many women in the Tri-State area.


WIT Donation Funds

Groceries & Household Cleaning Supplies: 

  • Dairy products - milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

  • Canned goods - creamed soups, vegetables, peanut butter, jelly, gravies, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, soups, beans, chili beans, salad dressings, etc.

  • Dried goods - flour, sugar, coffee, noodles, pastas, brown sugar, powdered sugar, spices

  • Cleaning Supplies - bleach, pledge, Lysol, dish soap, floor cleaner, Windex, green scrub sponges, toilet bowl cleaner, rubber gloves, mop


Office Supplies: Printer paper, HP 950 (black ink for printer), stamps, etc.


Operating Expense: General repairs, security system updates, hot water heater, phones, principle payments, carpet cleaning, paint, repair of kitchen cabinets, general expenses, literature for residents.

Sponsorship Fund: This fund will help a lady take her next steps in recovery. It takes $330.00 for a woman to enter our program. Two weeks of rent will help them enter our facility, find a job and learn how to become self-sufficient. 





General Fund: This fund is for general costs and expenses. Your donations will help Women In Transition purchase literature, books, writing material/supplies, etc. for various projects, classes, and meetings.




Women’s Retreat:

Women’s Day Retreat:  Queen for a Day!! 

This fund supports Women In Transition Women’s Day Retreat! Your donation will help support this fun day filled event.  You may purchase a ticket for donation, make a donation for the event, and support Women In Transition. Thank you for your support. Please contact Shelly Allen by phone or email if you have any of these type of items that you would like to donate to WIT!

Items Needed: Women In Transition not only accepts monetary donations, but will accept tangible items. 

  • Current needs - New computer, printer, office desk chair, paper shredder

If you have any questions regarding your donations or would like additional information, please contact:  


Women In Transition.


 Shelly Allen, Executive Director

Office Phone:  260.624.3178 


Thank you and God bless.