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"Women in Transition will return to the community as active, contributing members of society."


What we ask of our Residents:

  1. Women are required to be clean and sober for 72-hours prior to admittance

  2. Women are required to complete an application and comply with our agreement for admittance.

  3. Residents are to remain clean and sober at all times

  4. Residents are required to attend 12-Step program and house meetings per admittance agreement

  5. Residents are required to pay $267 deposit prior to admittance; Rent, phone, drug test

  6. Residents are required to obtain employment

  7. Residents are required to complete chores and comply with house curfews, rules and structured guidelines

  8. Residents will learn to be responsible to themselves and to others

​​Women in Transition, Angola, Indiana​

A recovery house from addictions to drugs & alcohol.

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20-Resident Capacity

Current capacity for recovery house is twenty residents.

Women In Transition, 412  S. John Street, Angola, Indiana 46703    phone: 260-624-3178

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"Living at WIT not only changed my life, but showed me a new way to live without drugs. The in-house meetings & working a 12-Step program opened my eyes to not only myself, but a fellowship of amazing people who truly care and have shown me unconditional love. For that, I am truly blessed & forever grateful. It works if you work it."

--Sober since March 7, 2014, Kyla J.