Angola, Indiana

Residents Admission

to the Recovery House:

What we ask of our Residents:

  1. Women are required to be clean and sober for 72-hours prior to admittance

  2. Women are required to complete an application and comply with our agreement for admittance.

  3. Residents are to remain clean and sober at all times

  4. Residents are required to attend 12-Step program and house meetings per admittance agreement

  5. Residents are required to pay $255 deposit prior to admittance

  6. Residents are required to obtain employment

  7. Residents are required to complete chores and comply with house curfews

  8. Residents will learn to be responsible to themselves and to others

Residents are required to complete house chores and comply with house curfews


 "I lived at Women In Transition for a year in 2008, I loved it,
and I am still clean and sober today. Women in Transition is a great place for Women to go when
they are really ready
for a life change!"  
~ Stacey Adkins, former resident of WIT
Women in Transition will return to the community as active, contributing members of society.

20-ResidentS Capacity

Current Capacity for Recovery House is twenty residents