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Fund Our Operations, Women in Transition

Your support and donation to this mission is vital to

its very existence and daily operation.

This fund helps a woman enter our program without the stress of being turned away due to financial reasons. Our goal is to have $5000 per year to help up to 20 women; We are currently at $1350.00 entering 2015. 

Our Wish list, Women in Transition

Donations toward our wish-list assist in obtaining household items, community meals, office supplies and more.  Download complete wish-list.


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Reflections of 2014 
by Shelly Sonner, Executive Director, Women in Transition, Angola

"I am so blessed to have such a loving God, supporting family, board of directors, and friends, I would not be able to do my job without so much support."  Women In Transition is so blessed to be part of a caring community where we are accepted and supported in helping each woman that comes into our recovery program. 
We live in a community with so many different resources and our needs were graciously met throughout the year. Our WIT house is a safe haven for women to learn to live clean and sober. Our goal is to return women to our community, as active contributing members. The WIT Board and I are able to provide all these women’s needs because all of your support.

TO you, my sincere and heartfelt Thank you!!